About us

We are Jill and Barry Muir. We live in England, in an Oxfordshire village called Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor. As the name suggests this was once two places, an estate village and the village that grew up againgst the estate. The area in which we live is beautiful and at present we are surrounded by farming land with many walks amongst trees and green open fields. Many of these fields have recent planning permission as the Vale of White Horse wishes to increase housing in this already crowded village.

Our shared and main hobby for many years, has been Family History. This led to computerising our records and so a love of computers and the internet began. I have now become very addicted to building web pages, of which this is one and also illustrating this by photographs taken with a digital camera.

Together, we have constructed this website in order to help those wishing to learn more about their family, but primarily to share our research with other family members and other researchers. We also hope we have created a genealogy website of interest and that you will enjoy wandering through our pages.

Our online family trees do not give full details of living people. Details of our ancestors shown on our Family pages have been found by the use of birth, marriage and death certificates.

We have spent years of happy hours visiting the areas where our families originated from many parts of the British Isles.

Using census returns added more detail and by visiting and researching in record offices and libraries throughout the country, we were able to view the parish registers, wills, school log books, census returns and directories, and tithe apportionment lists - to mention a few of the wealth of records available to us all here, in Britain.  All of this of course before the advent of so much genealogical  information available on the internet today.

All these sources have been used to write a history of our families, illustrated with their photographs where possible and of places where they lived or associated with them.

Welsh families: Bevan, Davies, David,  Benjamin, Thomas, Lloyd, Raymond, Isaac, Jones, Edwards, Jones and yet another Jones.

Somerset families: [of Yatton & Kenn] Knight, Perris, Gosling, Nethway, Stock [of Weston in Gardano, Portishead and Weston Super Mare] Payne of Cotham, Bristol.

Scottish families: Muir, Walker, McCracken, Langwill and Morrison

Derbyshire/Nottingham/Stafford families: Rodgers, Clapp, Land, Limb, Miller, Batts, Bird, Hackett, Mason, Clarke, Irving, Webster, Bilson, Walkerdine, Alton, Yeavley,  Desborough,  Hancock, Bacon, Holt and Kiddey.

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