When you start to learn something new, you need some hand-holding. All of these good friends have helped me along my way.

Because of this, I would like to say thank you to them for sharing their expertise and helping me gain some web design knowledge from their classes, forums and mailing lists.

  • Pat Geary for sorting me out web design way and showing me there were other ways to do things with Frontpage and Expression Web. For Pat's endless patience with everyone in classes and lists.  For her clear and practical descriptions and explanations.
  • Tina Clarke for her e-books, helpful lists, classes, realistic advice and common sense.
  • Cheryl Wise for her sound knowledgeable help, her videos on Expression Web 'how-to' and her classes.
  • Cricket Walker for her wonderful free online classes, where we all gain so much.
  • Sue Emerson for her online classes, and her excellent website tutorials, and java script.
  • Ian Haynes ~ Data Insite. ~ Information technology consultancy.

To them all for their friendliness and kindnesses, my very grateful thanks.