Davies Family Photograph Album.

A Trealaw and Tonypandy, Rhondda Family.

Album photographs of Thomas and Elizabeth Davies and their family.If anyone can add to these photographs I would be most grateful.

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Images of the Davies/Jones Family Album.
Photograph of Thomas DaviesThomas Davies (my great great grandfather) of the Dunraven Hotel, Tonypandy and of 'Maesyrhaf', Trealaw" Thomas Davies was the son of Benjamin Davies, and was born somewhere in the large parish of Troed-yr-aur, Cardiganshire, on 30 June 1815 as his gravetsone shows. We have been unable to substantiate who Thomas' mother was, and all we know is that his father Benjamin Davies was a widower when he married Susannah David, daughter of Morgan David of Graigddu & Gwaunadda, Dinas.
On 6th November 1847, when he was 32 years of age, Thomas married Elizabeth Bevan, daughter of Thomas Bevan of Llwynypia Farm, Tonypandy, at Carmel Chapel, Pontypridd.There is no known image of Elizabeth Bevan.
Thomas Davies & Elizabeth Bevan had six children but they lost a baby girl named Letitia. their three sons Morgan, Thomas and Richard all died in adulthood, as did my great grandmother, Friswith Elizabeth. Only their youngest daughter Letitia lived to older age.
If anyone can add to these photographs I would be most grateful. The photographs will enlarge.
Photograph of Dunraven Hotel, Tonypandy.
The Dunraven Hotel, Tonypandy. This was the Davies family home for many years, before their move to Cynon Villa, Brithweunydd Road., Trealaw. The hotel was owned by the Davies family until Elizabeth's Davies' death in?
Photograph of Fryswith Elizabeth Jones nee Davies.
Fryswith Elizabeth Jones born 5 June 1854 nee Davies first daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Davies (nee Bevan).
Fryswith was to die in Mar 1892 from
died of Phthisis.
Photograph of Royal Hotel, Maerdy.
The Royal Hotel, Maerdy this is the hotel owned by Morgan Davies, son of Thomas & Elizabeth who died in ?. There is no known image of Morgan Davies.
Some of Fryswith's children were brought up here after her death and that of her husband.
Photograph of Cynon Villa, 
						Brithweunydd Road, Trealaw
Cynon Villa
Brithweunydd Road, Trealaw.This was once the home of Thomas & Elizabeth Davies and family.
This house looks over to Graigddu. I wonder whose land this was built on?
Photograph of 112 Miskin Road, Trealaw
112 Miskin Road, Trealaw, the home of Friswyth Elizabeth Jones [nee Davies] and her husband William.
Photograph of Letitia Morgan [nee Davies]
Letitia Morgan [nee Davies], born 26 May 1867, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Davies.

Photograph of a Red 
						Cross Commandant in the 1st World War.
Letitia Morgan nee Davies who was a Red Cross Commandant in the 1st World War. Letitia opened her home, Maesyrhaf, as a home for injrued service men.
Photograph of Ivor Montague Davies.
Ivor Montague Davies, born 1887, son of Letitia and William Morgan as an officer in the 1st World War. He died in 1942.
Photograph of William Morgan.
William Morgan, who married Letitia Davies. Birth March 1862 Trehafod, Llanwonno, Glamorgan, Wales
Death 9 November 1912 ‎(Age 50)‎ -- Maesyrhaf, Brithweunydd Road, Trealaw, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Wales

Maesyrhaf, Brithweunydd Road, Trealaw, was purchased by Morgan Davies, the son of Thomas from a Thomas Thomas. When Morgan  suddenly died from Phthisis, the house was purchased from Morgan's widow Annie by Letitia, Richard and Thomas Davies Jnr.
Richard and Thomas Davies Jnr. with their parents, were to live here until both the boys, who were still bachelors, died young. Thomas the elder died in 1897, leaving the house to   Letitia and she and her husband moved into the house to care for her mother Elizabeth. Uncle Johnnie and Auntie Mary Jane and occasionally Auntie Bessie lived here too after their own parents' deaths. The other children, Willie and my grandfather David,  lived at the Royal Hotel, Maerdy, until their Uncle Morgan Davies' death.
Photograph of Friswyth Morgan, daughter of William and Letitia
Friswyth Edith Morgan, who was born 1892, daughter of William and Letitia, on the eve of her marriage to William Richard "Dick" Phillips in September 1915.