Ymswynwch rhag Gwyr ŷ Gloran

'Beware of the Men of the Gloran'

"With the dawn the hunt began and such was the mettle and dash of these Rhondda huntsmen that it became a byeword in Blawnau Morgannwg - 'Ymswynwch rhag Gwyr ŷ Gloran ' ('Beware of the Men of the Gloran')

These 'genial, mercurial, and talkative 'Gwyr Gloran', monoglot* Welsh hill farmers had a physique, dress, manner and dialect of their own and were mostly of a different stock from the surrounding peasantry.'

So completely Welsh was the district that Walter Davies (Gwallter Mechain) wrote in 1828  'I hope that my scheme will remain as long as Welsh is spoken in Trawsfynydd in Meirionethshire and Ystradyfodwg in Glamorgan' - probably the most isolated and the most Welsh districts of which he could think."

Source: E.D.Lewis "The Rhondda Valleys"

* monoglot = a.,n. (person) knowing one language only; a. written in one language only.