Our Family Names

Ancestors' Surnames

Our family names shown below are those which we have been actively researching. Re-tracing the steps of our ancestors has taken us into various counties and countries within the United Kingdom and online to America and Australia where family settled.

By building family trees and researching 'sideways' putting these discoveries online, we have gained many previously unknown cousins who have been able to contribute further information and added to our known family data.

Those details of our ancestors shown on our online family trees, have been found by the use of birth, marriage and death certificates. Using census returns added more detail and by visiting record offices throughout the country, we were able to view the parish registers, school log books, newspapers, land tax, tithe apportionment lists, wills and Quarter Sessions, to mention a few of the records available to us all. All these sources have been used to write a history of our families, illustrated with their photographs where possible and of places where they lived or were associated with them.

Welsh families:

  • Other relationships:

    David, Thomas, Benjamin, Lloyd, Jones [2], Jones [3], Edwards, Watkins,  Owen, Isaac, Hopkins.
  • Incomers to Wales from Somerset: [of Yatton & Kenn]
  • Knight, Perris, Stock [of Weston in Gardano, Portishead and Weston Super Mare]
  • Somerset Families: Gosling, Nethway.

Scottish families:

  • Muir, Walker, McCracken, Langwill and Morrison

Derbyshire/Nottingham/Stafford families:

  • Rodgers, Clapp, Land, Limb, Miller, Batts, Bird, Hackett, Mason, Clarke, Irving, Webster, Bilson, Walkerdine, Alton, Yeavley, Desborough, Hancock, Bacon, Holt, Kiddey