Our Muir Family History.

This website is constructed as a series of family files. On this page are links to our four parental lines of our research, Muir, Miller and Knight, Jones.

In their turn each page link will lead you to other branches of their individual families. Although the main lines are reasonably complete, you may find that some links to family branches have not yet been completed, or even attempted, but they will appear as my time allows.

There are some slight complications on Jill's side of the family as there are three direct Jones lines. My maternal line of Jones, and my paternal Grandmother's Jones. This family are also Jones as my paternal Grandmother's maiden name and also her father's surname.

Muir Family History

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  • This is Barry's Paternal line with the main focus being the many descendants of John MUIR who married Orsla WALLACE.

    This Lowland family was originally from Ayrshire/ Renfrewshire area, having been brought with other yeoman families to the Campeltown region of Kintyre, to assist in calming the clan feuds.

    In the 1820s the family moved to Glasgow and settled in Tradeston, where John Muir set up business as a Master Shoemaker.His name appears in the Glasgow Post Office Directories from 1827 until 1852.

    Barry's great grand father Robert Muir joined the Royal Artillery in 1847 until 1860 and served in the Crimea War 1853-56, where he gained the Crimean War Medal with the clasps for all the land battles. His regiment was stationed in Nottingham Nov 1856 until 1 Jun 1858 date and we believe that it was here, probably at the Nottingham Goose Fair that he met and later married Ann Limb. Robert and Ann, after a brief spell in Glasgow, moved to West Hartlepool for a few years but later moved and settled in Derby.

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    Nottingham Goose Fair

    • Surnames include: Langwell, Langwill, Rodgers, Clapp, Land, Clark. Many other surnames are also listed.

    Miller Family History

    Jones Family History

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      This is Jill's Maternal line. My four maternal ancestral lines - the Jones, Davies, Raymonds and Lloyds all lived in in the lower part of the parish of Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan.

      The parish of Ystradyfodwg consisted of two valleys of outstanding beauty which was mostly cut off from the outside world. It was to become by 1861 the industrialised area known as the Rhondda Valleys, and by 1871 was teeming with people.

      The valley people had spoken their own dialect Welsh since time immemorial and incomers from outside Wales had to learn a smattering of this Welsh to understand what their orders were as they worked underground at the coal face, although in a few years because of the many incomers, the pattern had ben reversed and now the main language used for the orders became English.

      • Additional surnames include Bevan, Thomas, David and Curtis. Many other surnames appear in these histories.
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    Knight Family History

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      This is Jill's Paternal line with the main focus being the many descendants of Elisha Gosling who was a Somerset man. Many of his descendants went to the South Wales Coalfields for work when agriculture was so depressed in Somerset during the 1850s.
    • The history also shows an illegitimate line via a Knight branch.
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