History of Jones Family of Cillybebyll, Trealaw and Penygraig, Glamorgan.

David Jones 1879-1939 ( Jill's Grandfather)

My Grandfather David's mother was Friswith Elizabeth Davies born in 1855 at Pandy, now Tonypandy. She was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Davies who later owned the Dunraven Inn, later, Hotel in Tonypandy.

Friswith's Marriage Certificate shows she married a William Jones of Neath, on the 20th August 1873 at Carmel Chapel, Pontypridd. William was the son of John Jones, a Woodward of Neath. Unfortunately, Friswith died when she was only 37 years old. See her In Memoriam Card

William Jones 1840-1894 ( Jill's Great Grandfather)

My grandfather David Jones' birth certificate, which told me that he was born in Tonypandy, so hoping to find my grandfather's family, a visit to London to view the census returns was called for. The Census 1881 (RG11/5306) for the area were searched. As a beginner, I was not doing this knowledgeably, and had little appreciation how large the population of the Rhondda was at that time, or how skimpy the information was on the birth certificate. It gave Tonypandy as the address on the certificate, but I found them in Trealaw.

I just jumped straight in enthusiastically and went grinding through the reels of film. Eventually and exhaustedly, after many hours of working through all of Tonypandy, I found the family living in 112 Miskin Road, Trealaw. With my knowledge of my family's link with Trealaw, this of course, should of been where I started, but I am probably not alone, in learning the hard way. I began to feel much more light hearted, and sure that I had had found my family.

The details I obtained from the Census for 1881 (RG11/5306) were:

The family is shown on the 1881 (RG11/5306) census living at 112 Miskin Road, Trealaw and that William Jones was aged 25 and had been born in Neath. His wife Friswyth was now 26 and had been born in Tonypandy. They had five children, the youngest Johnnie was still a baby under one month and he had a Nurse.

Here were all my great uncles and aunts I known well, Auntie Mary, Auntie Bessie, Uncle Willie, my Grandpa David 1 year old, and my Uncle Johnnie. Their mother's name is confusing, and is meant to be Ffryswith. (This slightly unusual forename is prevalent in Glamorganshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire where in Oxford, Frideswide is the Patron Saint. For easier reference, I shall use the spelling Friswith which is how my mother mostly spelt her name, where possible, from now on.)

John Jones 1801-1869 ( Jill's Great Great Grandfather)

My my maternal great great grandfather John Jones was born in Ystalyfera in 1801. He died on the 27th April 1869 at Craig-y-Forest, Cilybebyll. His Death Cert gives his age as 74 years so his birth should be about 1795 although census shows 1801. He was described as a General Labourer and died of 'Valvular heart disease many years; general dropsy 3 months' Certified. The informant was his neighbour Margaret X Williams present at death, Craig y Forest, Cilybebyll.

I had learnt from his son William's Marriage certificate that John Jones was a Woodward, and so I searched the 1851 census on CD purchased from the Glamorgan FHS for a Woodward and found only one in the Neath area, which turned out to John Jones. He had a son called William and as family lore had given me other brothers' forenames, which also appeared in this household, I feel sure that this was the family I was seeking.

John had seemingly married a Gwenllian Curtis about 1835 but I have been unable to find this marriage so far. They had six known children, 5 boys and a girl. Morgan 1836, Jenkin 1837, William [my gt grandfather] 1840, Rees 1843, Mary 1845 and John 1850.

After John's death, Gwenllian continued to live with her son Morgan who remained a bachelor. Perhaps later she probably went to live with her son Jenkin and it was at his home that her death occured. According to her Death Certificate, she died on 1st June 1887 at Ynisnudw, Llanguick in District of Pontadawe. Gwenllian was 78 years of age and the widow of John Jones, General Labourer. She died of Old age, certified by G. Griffiths, L.R.C.A : Informant Jenkin X Jones, son in attendance at Ynisnudw, Llanguick. This was registered on 2nd June 1887