Henry Knight Family Album ~ 1st Generation

A Llwynypia and Tonypandy Family.

Album photographs of Henry Knight and family

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Knight Family Photo Album
Photograph of Frank Knight.

was the son of Frederick Knight & Mary Ann Perris. Henry Knight was born
17 Nov 1853 at Horsecastle. at Yatton, Somerset and married Esther Edwards at Pontypridd. He is shown here at 4 Hillside, Llwynypia, with his grand-daughter Margaret Davies.
Photograph of Esther Edwards


Esther EDWARDS the wife of Henry KNIGHT.

was born 25 Apr 1859 at Penydarren, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, and married Henry Knight on 26 Jun 1882 Register Office, Pontypridd. Apart from this attributed image, there is no known photograph of Esther Edwards.
Photograph of Esther Edwards poss.Photograph of Tom Knight Jnr.
Notes on the image of'Esther Edwards'


This photograph found amongst the effects of her son Tom Knight Snr. is attributed to Esther Edwards. We are not positive that this is her and if not Esther then this is possibly Henry's aunt, his mother's half-sister, Eliza Jane PAYNE nee NETHWAY. The fact that she bears resemblance to my father means that she possibly looks like Eliza Nethway nee GOSLING who was Henry's grandmother.

 Uncle Tom thought the world of his Aunt Eliza Jane and visited her home a lot, in Clarence Place, Cotham, Bristol. It is highly likely that he had a portrait of her, as her son a photographer, seems to have been a good friend of Uncle Tom.
Photograph of Station Road, Yatton, Somerset.
Photograph of Station Road, Yatton. A road which must have been well known to Henry and his PERRIS and NETHWAY families.
Photograph of Henry Knight of Yatton
Henry KNIGHT PERRIS born Yatton on 17th November 1853, the son of Mary Ann PERRIS.
Photograph of St Mary the Virgin, Yatton, Somerset.
Henry KNIGHT PERRIS was baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Yatton church in 1853, the son of Mary Ann Perris who claims Frederick Knight as father,
Henry Knight & Esther Edwards had eight known children.  Only the following three of their children have photographs. If anyone can add to these I would be most grateful.
Photograph of Frank Knight.
born 18 Aug 1882
Llantrisant, Glam.
died 1935
4 Hillside,
Llwynypia, Glam
married Maggie JONES
(born 1884 died 1973),
She was Christened Maggie.
Photograph of Tom Knight.
born 1889 married Elizabeth Ann Coleman (born 1887) at Pontypridd Registration District, in 1910.
They had two daughters, Adella and Vivienne.
Photograph of Alice Knight.
Alice KNIGHT (born 1895 ) married David Owen (born 1892) at Pontypridd Registration District, in 1912. They had three children, one girl and two boys. This photograph shows Alice with husband David Owen and their daughter Audrey Owen.
Photograph of Alice Knight.
Alice Knight [nee Owen]
born 1889. Here she is shown in her later years.
Photograph of Tom Knight.
born 18 Aug 1889 Williamstown, Llantrisant, Glam.Died Jan 1973 at Barry, Glamorgan. Tom Knight is shown here as an Alderman of Barry, Glamorgan.
Photograph of Della Knight
(born 1915, Brynhyfrwd, Tonypandy ) Here she is as a young woman in Basrry Island, two years before her marriage.
Photograph of Vivvie Knight.
Viviene KNIGHT (born 1920 )Here she is as a small girl, in fancy dress as 'News headlines'.
Photograph of Vivvie Knight.
Viviene KNIGHT (born 1920 )Here she is as a small girl, in fancy dress as 'News headlines'.