History of the Descendants of John Knight of Congresbury, Somerset.

Frank Knight 1882-1935 ( Jill's Grandfather)

My paternal Grandfather  Frank Knight,  was born in 18 Aug 1882 at Williamstown, Llantrisant, Glamorgan. He was the first child of Henry Knight and his wife Esther Edwards.

See Obituary for Frank Knight of Llwynypia.

Henry Knight 1853-1933 ( Jill's Great Grandfather)

Henry Knight Perris  was born in 1853 at Yatton, Somerset. He was the base born child of Mary Ann Perris.

Henry was brought up by his Grandmother. Census 1861 RG9/1710 Yatton, Horse Castle End with Eliza Nethway, Henry K Perris GS Scholar 7 b Yatton.

At the tea after Henry's funeral there was a 'family debate' on exactly how old Henry was. There was a difference of opinion and this is shown on his Interment Notice where he is shown as aged 75 years when he was actually 80 years old. He was buried on Wednesday, 1st March 1933 at 3.30p.m. Grave G923. My father's cousin Nan Phillips nee Richards said she could always recall the date as it was St David's Day.

He was known as Harry by his contemporaries and by his family as 'Gransha'. All his grand-children and great grand-children loved him dearly, and he was remembered as a jolly and lovable character.

Frederick Knight 1829 - ? ( Jill's Great Great Grandfather)

Frederick Knight was born in Congresbury in 1801.From my research I am led to believe that Frederick was Henry's biological father.

Mary Ann Perris 1830-1895 ( Jill's Great Great Grandmother)

When Henry was baptised, his mother Mary Ann implied that she was actually the wife of Frederick Knight and that this was their child. This entry was corrected several days later and scored through in the Parish Register but not that heavily, so that the wording can still be read today.

It is known that when illegitimate children were aged around seven years old that they were told the name of their father. This was to prevent any later marriages to unknown half brothers or sisters.

On Henry's marriage certificate, he gives Frederick Knight as his father. As Henry's children were born, many were given the same names as his father had called his own children. From this I conclude that Henry had knowledge of his father and his new family. Although Frederick and family now lived in Dorset, word spread quickly in the small and attached villages of Yatton and Congresbury, where Frederick's parents, siblings and Henry's large family lived, so I assume that letters may have been sent home from Frederick. The the GWR raiIway Bristol to Exeter main line which passed through Yatton must have been a great source of news from afar. I don't think that the naming of the Knight children was a pure co-incidence but I may be wrong and they just happened to be names in fashion at the time.

Frederick may have entered into a private arrangement with Henry's mother Mary Ann Perris for maintenance of their son. There is no Bastardy Order, if one ever existed, in Somerset Record Office.

Family lore tells of Henry being given golden sovereigns by his grandmother Eliza Nethway [nee Perris formerly Gosling] when he left home to find work in the South Welsh Coal fields. Where did Eliza, a Laundress find this sort of money? Was it maintenance money that had been saved for Henry? We can only speculate. Even so, it is quite possible that Henry left Somerset with golden sovereigns in his pocket and later owned a chased golden pocket watch, which in the 1930's depression was sold for the goodly sum of 40.00.

Henry and his half brother Thomas Stock travelled together and when they arrived in the Rhondda, stayed at the home of their mother's brother William Perris who had left Yatton earlier for South Wales.